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Full Version: I think Chip's biggest hurdle may be
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keeping this team together during this rough time.

Murray has already said in his post game interivew that he should have had more touches.

You had an important time when Murray and Mathews were on the side line watching Sproles play.

Chip is faced with pacifying our top paid back whom he courted vs, the type of runner needed for this over matched OL.

Chip the Coach will have a hard time justifying playing time for Chip the GM's main offensive acquisition.

The OL have bought into Chip in the past, and they are probably loyal, and need to be given their suckitude, however, they would know deep down that the Schlerith's of the world contain truth's in the criticism.

Bradford has no reason to believe in Chip
Nor does Murray
Nor does Maxwell
Nor does Mathews.
Nor does Austin.

These guys have all seen success with other systems and are not seeing success here.

The rookies can sense that doubt and may not buy in to the extent of others in the past.

Chip's intolerance for naysayers will make it more difficult. He's not the rally the troops type that is needed on a sinking ship.

Rough waters ahead gents.

Reality Fan
My biggest gripe with Kelly is his end of game management......If you want to run your high tempo offense than run it....every time they rush to the line and then stand there and look over at the bench it screws their rhythm and they fail....go conventional and give the players so comfort....or run your offense to score.....

It is ridiculous every 4th quarter...
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