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Full Version: We are bad, but...
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If we make our 3 missed kicks this year, are we 3-1? Trying to find something good to take away from this.

I think Bradford has proven that he is no better at consistently moving the chains than Foles or Sanchez, but maybe he actually is able to throw the deep ball better.

Maybe we see more of that, early and often. Who fucking knows.
Should have been early today. mad.gif
I think the disappointment has been in our (unwarranted) expectations. What we have learned after the first quarter of this season is that we don't know anything
Did anyone see those two nice deep passes Foles threw today?

On one he got clocked just after he threw it.

About comparisons to Foles or Sanchez, I know going into today, we were last in the league in points per drive.

And last year, Foles got his ass kicked much worse that Bradford did and he rallied us to a win. And he had guys that were deemed to be not as good as the team we have this year.

I will try to keep the broad projections to a minimum and say that except for one important incompletion that he shares the blame for, Bradford played well today. That is worlds better than he had played prior to this.
I feel like this team is very similar to last year's team was at this same time in the season. The difference is that last year they were finding ways to win while looking bad, this year they are finding ways to lose while looking bad.

I don't think Bradford has been playing poorly. I don't know if it is something with the way he throws the ball but his receivers just seem to drop an incredible percentage of perfectly placed passes. Every QB is going to have some passes dropped but even McNabb never had it like this.

The defense looks top 10 and the O is slowly coming along. Team just needs to find a serviceable kicker and they are playoff quality.
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