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Full Version: How I see this game playing out
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Their DL dominates our OL in the run game.

We use our quick RB's for marginal gains and average under 3 YPC

We send Murray and Sproles on pass patterns in the flat and elsewhere often with some success.

Our ST's dominate.

Our DL dominates their OL in the run game, but they manage over 3 ypc. Not much but not horrible.

Our passing game should be able to get some real good looks against their Defensive secondary that is missing two players.

Their passing game should get some good looks against our defensive secondary, however limited without DJAX.

The game is decided on whether or not their passing game is better than the sum of our passing game plus ST's.

I think our ST's plus what I think we'll be a +1 turnover margin will win the day in what will be an ugly game.

Birds 21
Skins 17

Not very confident in this, just slightly above 50-50.

Major concerns are Peters health and the possibility of seeing an OL of Kelly, Barbre, Kelce, Tobin and Johnson. Talk about horrors of horrors. And for an already gun shy QB. Other concern is if Bradford will throw it down the field to take advantage of our advantage. I'm hoping he and Chip will. If they throw it to the kid Algholar. If they do, the kid will come through.
I expect Matthews to be the feature back. There is no reason to overwork Murray and risk a setback.

If the new kicker is kicking short, the Skins will have opportunities for returns. I realize our coverage units are usually good but that could give the Skins an extra ten or 15 yards per kickoff. The backup kicker probably eliminates field goals attempts over 45 yards and may give the Skins better field position due to a missed FG.

How much fall off will there be at RG?

I'm assuming we will with the turnover battle.

I think this one will be decided by whomever wins the battle on the outside when the Eagles have the ball-- their backup CBs vs our "backup" WRs.

Agholor has not impressed me. After all the hype about his maturity and readiness to contribute immediately he looks more like a typical, overwhelmed rookie WR.

After three games, the Redskins are second in the league in rushing defense. Their passing defense is pretty good too, but their rushing defense has been smothering. You guys are gonna need to open it up and air it out against them.
I think the redskins have had a pretty easy schedule, I think we are going to beat them easily. That's coming from someone who has been really down about the Eagles for a couple of years. I predicting that we see an improvement from Bradford and a couple picks by our secondary.
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