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Full Version: Who are the current division favourites?
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Dreagon's comment in the "sky is falling" thread got me wondering.

QUOTE (Dreagon @ Sep 22 2015, 03:37 AM) *
If the Giants win on Thursday, and you win against the Jets, then you will be in a three way tie for second place and only one game behind the team that lost it's franchise QB, it's star wide reciever, and has upcoming games against the Falcons, Patriots, Saints, and Giants again.

It can't be us, because we've seen how poor our offense is.
It can't be Dallas, with all those injuries.
It can't be the NJ VaGiants, because they're hopeless,
It can't be the Racially Insensitives, because they're the Racially Insensitives.

The Cardinals must be regretting that move to the NFC West.
D Rock
It's still us.

What's more likely? Getting this offense fixed to even a middling level? Or the Vagiants and foreskinz really doing anything? The boiz are toast for 8 weeks. We'll be fixed by then and cooking.
All I can say is that our only hope in this debacle is to shoot for 3-5 over the next eight games, and that ain't going to be easy. But if we can at least pull that off, it will have us at 5-5 when Romo (and just maybe Dez) return. Personally I think that scenario is a long shot, but it's what we're reduced to now.

The Giants have to figure out how to stop shooting themselves in the ass during the fourth quarter. That may not be easy since they look like they've gotten awful good at it.

Weirdly enough, it's the Redskins that are looking kinda dangerous. They're leaning on their defense and running game, and simply trying not to kill themselves with QB mistakes. For them, that might not be a bad strategy.

That leaves you guys. Y'all have to do something about the middle of your offensive line. And I would suggest stop running Murray out of the shotgun...and especially to the outside. That's got him going sideways when what he's best at is running north-south between the tackles.

Ah well, this Thursday night I'm definitely going to be parked in front of the big screen TV.
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