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Full Version: My Feelings Following that Game Yesterday Were Odd
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Normally in that spot, a loss against DAL, I would be close to uncontrollably mad.

However, we were so bad on offense, it was just a shock and the hard reality that season #55 without a title will not only pass again, but will wander from significance by Thanksgiving, and the feeling of self pity that I, like an uncle buried this week with an Eagles blanket in his coffin will be like him, Lombardiless at time of death after decades of frustration. The guy had tickets to Sunday's game to see his beloved Iggles kick the shit out of the hated rivals. His ticket got cashed in a week too early.

I sure hope the view from above was more appealing than what we saw down here.

As me and my crowd sat around after the game, discussing the rank and compartment that loss deserves in Eagles history, I remember how bad our offense was against the NYG all game just prior to Westbrook's punt return that stole the game for us and how one play resurrected a season. In a similar situation yesterday, our ST's gave up a TD instead of getting one. Maybe next week is the start of that one play going our way.

It has too.

The alternatives are all too painful and depressing.
El Cubano
Sorry for you loss, brother. That game wasn't easy on any of us other than that Kirk loving Spock sucker, and adding the passing of a family member never helps. From an optimistic view, there's still plenty of time for this season to turn around for the better.
My sympathies to you and your family on your loss.

D Rock
Indeed. Ditto.
Sorry for your loss Mike.
Sorry Mikey. Deepest sympathies to you and yours.
Hey Mike, Sorry for your loss brother! Thanks for sharing the story with us and I too have hopes that the birds will pick themselves up!
Sorry to hear about your uncle. I'm sure he's eating pickled red beets and drinking beers with Magoo and other Eagle faithful, breaking clouds and halos watching this. I hope they all have reason to celebrate Sunday!
Thanks for the nice thoughts.

I normally don't share many close things like that but remembering the Eagles blanket and the Dallas tickets during this week was all too clear.

The combination of the two events this week just crystallized what I think some of us older guys may think from time to time. Will we EVER win a Super Bowl?

Even though I had us "only" winning 11 and losing in a 2nd round playoff game, I thought we had a decent shot. Get to the elite eight of the NFL and you never know.

Maybe next year.
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