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Full Version: This one is all on Chip
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I have been a first class paying customer aboard the Chip wagon, but there is no excuse. This is the second week this team did not look prepared to play. Credit the D for hanging in there and making this game appear closer than it should have been.

There is so much to complain about, but the star of this comedy is Chip. This team has his blueprint and so far every move made in the off-season appears to be a mistake. Next on the criticism list is the offensive line. It is a complete joke. They can't pass or run block. They give no push and they look lacklustre.

So much more to complain about, but I'm too angered by the shitty performance to be rational.
I actually don't think it's the personnel moves, but do think it's all on Chip. Defenses have come prepared to stop the things we have done the past two years and we don't have a backup plan.

This week, the Cowboys had a plan to stop everything (including the few things that did work against Atlanta). Chip better have something up his sleeve for next week.

The offense is Kelly's pet project, and despite assembling what on paper looked to be a good group of skill players, he then sabotaged his own work by deliberately wrecking the OL without bringing in new and better pieces.
Kelly is a smart guy and he's shown that he has the ability to change. Now we get to see how if he's a good NFL coach. Teams are on to him, can he adjust or does the FUBAR continue?
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