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Full Version: Anyone got Wade Phillip's phone number?
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Sick of Billy Davis already.
I'm not there yet, but real close to it.

If his star safety catches those two INT's, it would have been a different story.

Alarming trend as mid to late last year, Jenkins did the same thing.

Get that guy to the jugs machine!
I said that (half) in jest but there are some things that really bother me...

Guys constantly over run plays and/or miss tackles.

The single coverage on Julio Jones all night. Where was the Safety help or double coverage? Maxwell may yet prove to be a good CB but he was getting eaten alive without pressure up front.

Which brings me to my next point, why wait a whole half to blitz the QB? Atlanta's O-line is suspect. Why in the world would you not test that early and often? We didn't start to bring it until the second half.

Let's follow the bread crumbs here. The second half adjustment was fine but why does our D always react? Just once I want to see them go out there and dictate...make the opposing team adjust to them. It seems like we always take a more passive approach.

Speaking of adjustments, I really wonder if it was Chip making them. I recall hearing that Chip had to tell Billy to play Defense the way he plays Offense. In other works call a more aggressive game. This disturbs me the most. Billy Davis was not Chip's first choice as DC (I forget who was). We've got a lot of talent here on D. There are always going to be holes, but a good coach can cover them up with scheme. It seems like were just exposing them.

How much different are we than the Cardinals or 49ers? They also had talent on D but didn't flourish until after Davis left. Could someone like Wade Phillips take them to the next level?
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