1. We are playing against one of the worst defensive secondaries and can't throw the ball.

2. We are playing against a joke of an offensive line (so I'm told) and we can't sniff the QB

3. We had one of the best running games in the NFL last year and can't run for shit.

4. Our QB is playing like he has played during his career as opposed to his five preseason series.

5. Maxwell's coach from last year is throwing at him all of the time. He's making Sconces look good.

The best thing I can say is that we can only go up from here.

Very disappointing.

Few questions:

Why is Maragos in the game?

Why is Ryans in there on passing downs?

How about we play up closer to the slot WR?

How about we put on our big boy pants and throw the fucking ball down field?

How about a few blitzes to get to the QB?

WTF. And they get the ball to start the 3rd.