The next week is going to drag. Seriously pumped for the first game, can't wait to see how the defense plays ... I'm pretty confident the offense will be blowing doors off, coast-to-coast.

1. Biggest question/concern is how the secondary will do. Chip's made it pretty clear that they want them to keep the ball in front of them and not 'bite the cheese.' If they only accomplish that they will much better, and if the offense can do what we think they can, that should be good enough. Here's a pretty interesting analysis of Maxwell that sheds shome light on how the secondary will be playing.

2. The OL looks pretty solid, despite losing the two most important players on the unit tongue.gif . The worry here is a repeat of last year's M*A*S*H line. They should be fine if there's only normal issues. Which takes us to ...

3. If the OL does acceptably well then Bradford should be OK, and if he's OK that should equate to crazy numbers considering he's got some very scary weapons he's playing with. If there's a rash of OL injuries, does Kelly lean on the running game even more? And, are the backups capable enough run blockers to do that? I have to worry most about Kelce going down and Molk getting tossed around by angry mammoths.