I remember the article talking about Smith pancaking Dennis Kelly in practice one day. It was supposed to be a positive sign of his development this year but I think a lot of us thought, "Dennis _ucking Kelly?" laugh.gif It seemed the article was an unintentional backhanded compliment. Then, this:
Shurmur discussed several offensive linemen, including how Andrew Gardner has played well but hasn’t cemented his spot at the starter. Shurmur also revealed that John Moffitt isn’t moving around the offensive line and that he’s sticking to right guard. Then he spoke about the value of Dennis Kelly’s versatility.
“Of late, he’s probably played more tackle than guard and he’s done a really good job,” Shurmur said. “He’s quietly had a very good training camp. If he can develop the ability to play multiple positions, that’s something you have to do if you’re going to be that sixth or seventh guy on game day. And I think he’s closer to being that guy if he’s not the starter.”
If there's substance to this there are two positives: Kelly is coming along and playing well and that pancake by Smith would show he also is developing at a position where the team needs help.