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Full Version: Defense looks vastly improved
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How good could this D be?
I think we'll find out next week that they could be much better.

On the first INT, the receiver tripped and so did not compete for the ball.

The second INT was either a very badly thrown ball or the receiver ran the wrong route.

The first team Ravens ran all over the eagles' D.

How many *quarters* will Bradford last if he continues to take those hits?

Sure, there was plenty to like in the game, especially the O Line's run blocking, but there were also areas for concern.

Tebow does not have confidence in his passing ability even though most of his throws in the preseason have not been bad. He throws so many balls away or takes a sack. I suppose it is a positive that he is not just looking at is first two progressions and then trying to run. He obviously has lots of confidence in his running ability and generally good things happen when he chooses to run. He hurt his chances in this game.

Again Barkley looked serviceable--I mean, tradable. Sanchez bounced back with a solid performance.

QUOTE (Birdwatcher @ Aug 22 2015, 11:32 PM) *
How good could this D be?

Reality Fan
Our D looked shay to start...the first pick was nice but Flacco floated the 2nd one....over a wide open WR.

Offense looked good...

Barkley did not....can only make the short throws...had lots of time....

Tebow did not...could be the fact that he is playing with the garbage squad or could be he is done.....

need our ILBs to get some game time...

Slightly surprised that Barkley got the third quarter and Tebow the fourth.

Could be that Kelly doesn't want to mess with Barkley's confidence or it could be that Tebow hasn't shown enough to deserve the promotion.
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