This is the sports science, or at least part of it that Kelly has brought to Philadelphia.
"A lot of times people have surgery when they don't really need surgery. They just need to have their postural aligned properly; it's just a little out of whack. Shaun is looking for ways to improve talent, which would include being able to load people properly and have them be at what we call neutral so they're not out of balance and you can't load weight on them."
"He's [Hull] on the cutting edge by utilizing the latest in technology. He's not only learning and looking for new and improved ways to develop athletes, he's smart enough to understand what he's looking at. Not everyone has that ability to understand what they're seeing, but Shaun does. There are a lot of NFL teams trying to copy what he's doing. He is, in a lot of ways, ahead of most them. Of course, they're each pretty secretive, but there's probably only a handful that'd be in the same league as him."

"The Jacksonville Jaguars are also in that same league. There may be a couple of others that I'm not familiar with, but certainly those two are leading the pack that I'm aware of for the NFL. They're using sports science to evaluate how to put the best talent on the field."
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