The Eagles resumed joint practices with the Baltimore Ravens at the NovaCare Complex, their second session in three days leading up to Saturday's exhibition game between the two clubs at Lincoln Financial Field. Once again, drills were held on two adjacent fields for most of the afternoon, but we did our best to keep track of all the action.

Here are 10 observations:

1. Outside linebacker officially became a situation for the Eagles on Thursday after the injury to Marcus Smith (see story). With Travis Long, Brandon Hepburn and Jordan Dewalt-Ondijo already on the shelf, and Diaheem Watkins booted from practice after a skirmish, defensive end Vinny Curry wound up seeing a lot of action outside. Curry was at linebacker in packages last season, and saw work there during spring practices as well, but that wasn't necessarily with the intention of it becoming a regular thing. If Smith is out for an extended period of time, the lack of depth could dictate more Curry outside. Brad Jones can line up outside, and it's technically the position special teams ace Bryan Braman calls home. Beyond that, it's just bodies.

2. The Ravens had no answer for Jordan Matthews at Wednesday's practice, but did manage to devise a game plan to stop the second-year receiver on Day 2 of joint practices. Of course, it wasn't exactly a success. Unable to slow him down, defensive backs manhandled Matthews instead, drawing at least three flags for pass intereference. One was a perfectly placed deep pass from Sam Bradford where Matthews' arm was pinned to his side. Another occurred in the end zone to put the Eagles on the 1-yard line. The wideout hauled in his share of passes, too, and cointinued to look like the best target on the field for the offense.

3. The most interesting period of the afternoon by far was the simulated two-minute drills. Bradford drove the first-team offense down the field for a touchdown on his lone opportunity, thanks in part to the PI Matthews drew. Barkley did as well, and in impressive fashion at that, hitting tight end Andrew Gleichert and wide receiver Quron Pratt for big chunks of field before finishing with a scoring strike to tight end Justin Tukes. Mark Sanchez went three-and-out, and Tim Tebow didn't get a turn. On the adjacent field, the Ravens' simulated two-minute offense was unable to cross the goal line against the Eagles defense, which was really something.

4. That wasn't the only phase the Eagles seemed to dominate the Ravens. Each squad took turns practicing kickoffs and kickoff returns. When the Ravens were returning, they weren't even coming close to their own 20. On one attempt in particular, Braman came flying in like a wrecking ball to cause a huge collision, perhaps the hardest of training camp. When the Eagles were up on returns later, the results were night and day. Wide receivers Josh Huff and Nelson Agholor each found nice lanes to run through for what appeared would've been lengthy gains in an actual game. Not that it's any surprise Eagles special teams would have the upper-hand, but the difference between the two units was stark.

5. I think we can all calm down a little about Cody Parkey for the time being. After some shaky performances over the past week, Parkey was perfect on extra-point and field-goal attempts on Thursday, connecting on a long of 48 yards. All of his kickoffs were plenty deep as well. One good day does not erase all doubt, but we may be just a little quick to worry about a kicker who is coming off a Pro Bowl rookie season.

6. Starting safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Walter Thurmond both had outstanding days. Jenkins was all over the place breaking up passes all afternoon long, regardless of which drill. Thurmond got off to a hot start in one-on-ones, providing good coverage downfield on one rep, and coming up with an interception on another. Thurmond has been around the ball a lot throughout the summer, which is a positive sign for the converted cornerback. Also of note, Jerome Couplin was actually rotating in with Jenkins or Thurmond during 7-on-7s and team drills, so it seems the coaches really want to get a closer look at the second-year defensive back now that he's healthy and practicing again.

7. The education of Eric Rowe continued on Thursday. The Ravens continued to pick on the rookie cornerback a bit, particularly early on in practice. He surrendered a dreaded X-play on a bomb over the top to five-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Steve Smith in 1-on-1s. Still in ones, Rowe actually had really good coverage on shifty slot receiver Michael Companaro, but failed to drive on the hitch route, allowing a completed pass. Shortly thereafter, Companaro got the best of Rowe in a red zone drill as well. That being said, the Utah product seemed to get better as the day went on. He ran step for step with Kamar Aiken on a deep shot late in practice, and just provided more sound coverage in general. Rowe remains a work in progress, but the talent is clearly there. Then again, it's worth mentioning E.J. Biggers continues to shine and could push Rowe for a bigger role.

8. One thing that should be said for Rowe is he's always going for the strip, and knocked another ball loose on Thursday. In fact, everybody on the Eagles defense is hyper-aware of going for the strip, particularly in the secondary. Hey, when you can't tackle to the ground at practice, might as well punch the ball free, right? The rock ends up on the carpet quite a bit as a result, granted sometimes after the whistle has blown and the ball-carrier has essentially stopped playing. Still, the ball-carrier should never let his guard down, and it's just good to see creating turnovers is such an obvious focus.

9. Mychal Kendricks got some work in at interior linebacker. He made a couple of big plays in coverage, dropping one would-be interception and breaking up another pass. Kendricks also made a mistake in coverage during red zones, blanketing his man in coverage, but failing to turn his head around to locate the ball, which drew an interference call for early contact. The fourth-year linebacker's athleticism and recognition have never been issues in coverage, so we'll chalk that up to rust after missing a few practices with the usual dings.

10. Similar to Parkey, it's not necessarily fair to sound the alarm yet, but Sanchez has not looked very good this week. Today was another rough day where the sixth-year veteran seemed to have trouble consistently completing passes. In particular, Sanchez's precision just seemed to be a little off no matter the drill or situation, particularly throwing outside the numbers. It doesn't seem to be an issue of arm strength, the football just isn't being delivered on point. To put his struggles in perspective, Barkley seemed legitimately better on Thursday. To be fair, it didn't seem like Bradford's best day, either, so some of the credit belongs to the Ravens defense. That being said, it's been a trend for Sanchez ever since the preseason opener. It would be nice to see him regain some confidence in Saturday's contest.