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Full Version: Grand Sam ... home run?
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Thought this was a decent synopsis of what we should expect from Sam, assuming his health.
Iíd like to hop in a time machine to go back and see Bradfordís reaction when he learned he was traded to Philadelphia. Few players in the entire league needed a change of scenery more than him, but going from the uninventive Brian Schottenheimer to the mad genius of Chip Kelly is like going from a unicycle to a smart car.

That the Eagles figured him worth acquiring is already a good sign for Bradfordís future. You can see Kellyís thought process here, too: When he starred at Oklahoma, Bradford was the point man for the fastest offense in college football, and thatís what heíll be operating under Kelly. Heís at his best when heís making quick throws to the middle of the field, and heíll have plenty of those chances in this offense. Itís no coincidence that the Eaglesí nominal no. 1 receiver, Jordan Matthews, plays in the slot.

Bradford will also be aided by the kind of effective running game he never had in St. Louis. In his four seasons as a starter, the Ramsí best finish in rushing DVOA was 19th, and in three of those years, they finished in the bottom five. The Eagles finished 13th last season after running away with the top spot in 2013. Even with the departure of Evan Mathis, some better offensive line health, coupled with the arrival of DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews, should bring the Eagles back near where they were in 2013.

With the run game and the construction of their receiving corps, this is an offense perfectly suited for Bradfordís talents. Heíll have every chance to succeed with Kelly, and if he doesnít, Iím not sure thereís a scenario in which he can.
The Rams never played to Sam's strengths. I hope this is the year his potential meets with opportunity.
Healthy Bradford = Playoffs
QUOTE (JeeQ @ Aug 20 2015, 11:05 AM) *
Healthy Bradford = Playoffs

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