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Full Version: It's beginning to look like Tim Tebow will make the Eagles' 53-man roster
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I also believe that is the case and have been saying so since he was signed. Good for you, dude! You did it!
D Rock
Reality Fan
While it may certainly happen I would not view anything to date as proof that he will....and certainly not something in the Philly Voice whatever the hell that is....
Jimmy Kempski is a pretty damn good beat. He was the first person to identify the reality of Desean's eventual release and got absolutely slammed by the old guard.

The Philly Voice is new. Unfortunately, you can't keep getting your news from Walter Cronkite, RF.
Of course Tim will make the team.. Because Chip is no idiot.. Tim was flat out blackballed by the powers to the be in the NFL.. His outspoken views didn't sit well with the liberal media and sponsors of the NFL.. Chip doesn't let the Godless left influence his team.. Tim has been an elite warrior at every level of football.. Including the big bad NFL in his rookie season.. God Bless.

D Rock
Tim Tebow flat out sucks.

The "powers that be" are always "black balling" quality quarterbacks because they're a dime-a-dozen. Everybody knows that.

Poor poor persecuted christian super star. They just won't give him a chance.

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