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Full Version: Barrett Brooks said something concerning last week re OL
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I meant to bring it up but got busy.

He said something to the effect that he was curious how j. Kelce would do with the new blocking schemes.

I'm thinking, huh?

Then he goes on to say that the style of blocking that Murray and Mathews and the one cut reads utilize is more one on one handle the guy in front of you and less "get to the 2nd level" down the field blocks that we utilized with Shady. He then said he had concerns if Kelce, with his light weight, could adjust.


Our second level blocks and Kelce and Mathis and Peters down the field is what made this line a great run blocking line IMO.

BB normally knows his stuff. Did anyone else hear this? I'm a little concerned about that.
I didn't hear it, but I have to wonder how he would know the schemes have changed. Is he assuming?
Reality Fan
I did not hear it but I have heard BB before and I am not as convinced as you that he knows his stuff....

That being said Murray is described as the perfect guy for Klley's system rather than needing a system changed to meet his skill set.

Many local "experts" love to question Kelly's methods like Jaworski et all yet they have eaten crow on it pretty much.....

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