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Full Version: DTV Sunday Ticket
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You non locals who have DirecTV ST (and ST MAX) have you made "the call" yet?

Every year (I've been with them since 1995) I call in July, ask IMMEDIATELY for the retention department, give them some short song and dance about wanting to cancel my service because the bill is too high, blah, blah, blah and ask if they can do anything to comp my the ST MAX (I need the MAX because I have a son in college and he uses the remote access).

The rep starts by thanking me for my loyal service and usually hands over a bushel of free services.

Yesterday I was in a hurry so I "settled' when she said I'd get free ST MAX AND $12/month off the rest of my bill for 6 months. In years past I've gotten a lot more ($40-$50/month of my bill for 15 months and free premium channels).

Funny, she assured me that no one ever gets the ST "MAX" for free but she'd be more than happy to do it for me. LOL, I've gotten it free for the last ten years!

Anyhow, if you guys aren't on this gravy train I just wanted to lay out the easy, step-by-step guidelines for assured success. The MOST IMPORTANT step is asking for "retentions" as soon as the first rep answers (because they have no power to give you squat but retentions is the last line of their defense from losing you as a customer, which of course you have no intention of doing anyways!).
Thanks for that info. I changed over to DirectTV earlier this year, and am getting NFL ticket for free this year. But I'll definitely file this info away for next year.
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