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Full Version: Yo, Mikey Numbers
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Thought this may start the six week holiday off for you ... Mariota is unsigned! laugh.gif
There were 256 players selected in the NFL Draft this past May and 253 of them have signed contracts.

Three have not. Two are third-round picks of the Indianapolis Colts cornerback D'Joun Smith, of Florida Atlantic and defensive end Henry Anderson of Stanford. Who knows what the Cols are doing? And who really cares outside of Indy?

The other one is quarterback Marcus Mariota, the No. 2 overall pick of the Tennessee Titans.
No chance ...
Wow, I did not know that.


That is interesting.

I'll dig around and see what else they're saying about it in Tenn.

I assume he went to the OTA's, right? I didn't hear anything else.

Stop it Z.

You knew that this would get me all hopeful and stuff.

That's cruel.

But why hasn't he signed???

It seems it is offset language.

I have to side with the team on this one. If a team is signing you for a specific amount and they cut you becuase of performance, you didn't live up to your deal and they should be able to offset the money they are paying you with what you got elsewhere. Why should a guy who fails in one place be able to take what his first contract said plus what he makes elsewhere during the same term?

But, I will make an exception, and would be Ok with a footnote if said team were the Eagles!!

Seems like Mariota is making a great impression there. sad.gif
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