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I'm optimistic by nature and I'm feeling pretty good about the team and their chances for success this year. Yeah, this was no pads no contact learning time but I think there's a lot to be excited about.

Defense -
This is where they needed the most improvement and where I think they got what they needed. The DL returns and should be really good. Isn't it great to have a coach who values LBs? I hated that Andy would seem to put train conductors in there. Graham's a bit of a question but I don't think he's a liability, the inside trio could be historic and with all the other LB talent Barwin may revert to his jack of all trades spot and actually be more valuable to the team. There's no way the secondary could be worse than last year and with Maxwell, Thurmond and Rowe added to the group I think there should be significant improvement. Even if the D isn't top 10 and are in the middle of the pack, the team should be overall much better. It'll be very interesting to see what Davis does.

Offense -
Everything we hear says that Sanchez looks much better than last year. A couple of games they lost were more on the secondary than on him so even if Bradford is a bust the offense may just be good enough ... I know, as long as he stops the stupid mistakes. A healthy Bradford should be worlds better, but a 'good' Sanchez is important for the 'if' factor. Having Murray, Mathews and Sproles carrying the ball is in the same league as the LBs for me. I think the team is starting weaker at WR but if Huff comes on and Agholor comes on quickly they may even be better than last year. The big question for the whole team is the OL. Will Peters be in decline and will the guards be capable? I just can't understand why they didn't address the OL in the off season.
I think the defensive secondary should be average or maybe slightly below average which will be worlds above last year. Hopefully if they find a way to use all five starting caliber LB's would be great.

I agree, we're good upfront.

I do have concerns about Davis' ability as a DC. For him to have Fletcher one on one so many times is a warning shot. That would seem to be a no brainer. He needs to put them in good spots to succeed

On offense, I think we've made the decision to be shallow at WR and OL. It is naive not to expect injuries on the OL and our depth is two more shallow than last year and we know how tough it was last year. Same with WR. Copper was rated the worst starting NFL WR by PFF last year, and with losing Mathis, there is no clear candidate to replace him. Huff's rookie season was a comedy of errors and cost us two games. Maybe he'll wise up, but if he doesn't, we got Matthews Algholar and Cooper, which even if Algholar shows great promise, will be a step down.

At QB, Bradford and Sanchez version 2015 should be an improvement over Sanchez and what Foles did out there last year. Big concerns if the OL will allow them to be. Big concern. The RB trio is awesome and as long as Chip can keep all three happy, I can see a 58-42 split in run pass ratio, which may be a record in years.

ST's should be great again. Chip seems to put great value in that so I don't see any self inflicted wounds there.

The schedule is generous, but the pitfalls of all these new parts jelling is real. With so many new parts, we will likely underperform early on.

We had a 10-6 team despite a bunch of injuries and a real tough schedule last year. A great year of offensive coaching and ST play. We came into this year with a shit load of cap space, a bunch of picks and hope to be a legit contender in '15. I was hoping to be in a place right now where I thought it was stone cold mortal lock that we would be a MUCH better team. I am not there. I'm in a "we may be better" mindset and given where we started this offseason, that's a step down from my expectations. And my expectations are normally tempered to begin with.

The best thing so far is the lack of injuries and no setbacks on recovery issues. The #1 pick is way better than last year's #1 and the #2 has looked good. That's good news.

We'll see.
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