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Full Version: It was 'cut and dry' Mike
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"The NFLPA saw no wrongdoing on the Eagles' part in releasing Evan Mathis. Seen as a contractual issue. They've been cleared. [...] The union sort of saw it as a non-story all along. Again, no wrongdoing."

Does that mean that Mathis wasn't the guard that Kelly was looking for?
D Rock
Move Along
I was away for a few days, just got back on or I would have chimed in earlier.

Yes, no wrong doing.

Once they have an e-mail of his agent asking for his release, then there is NO issue.

Mathis confirmed that at some point before the draft, RosenAss asked for his release.

Didn't think they asked for it but it makes sense that they would have.

If they didn't ask for his release, then the Eagles would be in a world of trouble if Mathis didn't get equal money.

But his ace agent asked for his release and they granted his wish, even if it was a few months later than the request.

Mathis is his own man. He is a smart veteran and has been through the ins and outs of the league. He chose his agent. He'll have to live with whatever comes down the line. Chip and us fans will have to do the same. I thought there would be two peaks of interest in Mathis as a free agent. This last week and early in the preseason. This last week seems to have been a big disappointment, so he'll probably have to wait until early preseason when the injuries hit. As far as team with vulnerable OL's that cant afford an injury, the Eagles are near the top. Could be they are a team interested in Mathis down the line ohmy.gif
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