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Full Version: Sixers Tanking took a few hits recently
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First this from Hideaway Hinkie

Philly GM Sam Hinkie issued a release saying, in part: "A standard CT scan on Joel's right foot revealed less healing than anticipated at this point. ... Discussions regarding the appropriate next steps are currently ongoing and we will share an update once it becomes available." Embiid was the No. 3 overall pick in 2014.

Also the news that Russell from OSU cancelled his visit to Philly.

Not good developments.

This summer just keeps the hits coming.

D Rock
Embiid news is bad. It was a gamble from "Go" as big men with these foot fractures don't tend to do well.

Russell cancelled his work out because he was ill. No shade towards the Sixer's there. He's been very vocal about WANTING to come to the sixers and has a previous relationship with Neol and Joel.

If the Joel thing is as bad as it looks, they gotta go Prozingis at #3. He's a stud.

Other "Good News" is that it looks like theyre going to buy out the contract for home-boy in Turkey and bring him in a year earlier than initially thought.
Is Andrew Bynum still out there?
What Hinkie needs to do this year is what he does best.

Tank baby tank!!

If you believe in your methodology, you take Embiid's setback as another opportunity to tank.

Keep Saric in Europe, take the best available at #3, maybe you get lucky with one of the 15 2nd round picks we have this year and maybe some talent sneaks through to us in the 2nd round.

Then you do what you know how to do for another year. Get another top four pick next year plus the other three 1st round picks coming our way; LAL, MIA, OKC and see where we are.

Even if Embiid goes the Bynam/Ruland way, you will then have in 2016-17:

Russell or Okafor
'16 4th pick or better
'16 three additional 1st rounders
maybe a 2nd round player worth a solid backup role

That should give you four players that should start in the league plus at least one upper echelon bench player. If Embiid comes back it's gravy.

Sure attendance sucks and will continue to suck until you put something out there worth watching. But in this new NBA TV deal, it is extremely difficult to not make money. Have the league's lowest payroll and profit it s a lock. There are no people who bought your plan before that will abandon you now. True, none of the fans who want winning will come back yet, but you lost them last year anyway.

Don't muddy the waters by trying to win now. Put the Nerlans, a pick and 10 non NBA players out there every night.

Unlike tanking, winning may be a skill that Sam doesn't possess.

Stay in your comfort zone Sam!! You get another year of no pressure to win or perform which should extend your deal by a year and we'll see where we are in a year.

PS - give Brett Brown a raise! Any good coach who has to coach that shit every night deserves it!

BTW, I am sarcastically serious.
D Rock
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Jun 16 2015, 12:33 AM) *
Unlike tanking, winning may be a skill that Sam doesn't possess.

Uh, Sam doesn't win or lose. He doesn't actually play the game at all.

...just sayin
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