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Full Version: Evan Mathis, I don't understand much of it
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A disturbing report on Mathis

I'm trying to understand Evan Mathis' side of this disagreement.

Most of you know that I can many times see the players side in these type of things, but I am having a tough time with this one.

Evan Mathis signed his contract in March of 2012 and got a $5.0M SB with it.

As a veteran of more than 4 years, his salary is fully guaranteed if he is on the roster week one of the season.

He is due to make $5.5M this year and 6.0M next year and is a UFA in '17.

His salary of $5.5M is tied for 3rde among OG behind Mankins 6.75M and Levitre 6.5M and tied with Yanda's 5.5M

The total cash he gets this year is 10th, his total cap hit this year is 8th.

He has no guaranteed money left on his deal. Of the top 20 paid guards in the league, he s one of 7 of the 20 that have no guaranteed money left, among them are Makins, Levitre, Vaquez, Yanda, Sitton and Asomoah who are most of thePB guards from the previous years. There are five more who have 3.0M or less guarantees remaining. Three others are guys who just did new deals as UFA in March (Iupati, Franklin, Evans)

Of the 9 guys above him in total cash paid this year, three of them above just signed new deals.

Unlike Jackson and McCoy who I was pretty sure would get paid more elsewhere (the age and talent being the biggest factors), I don't see Mathis being in that situation. Will anyone give Mathis more than $11.5 total money over the next two years as a 33 year old? What he would likely get is a bigger piece guaranteed as he has none now, but really, he is fully guaranteed this year in week one, so what does he want, a lower salary this year with a piece guaranteed for next year. So it is not a no brainer for him to want to get cut.

The article says he is looking for a small raise and some Pro Bowl incentives. Seems reasonable most times, but not sure in this situation where he hasn't been in mini-camps. Now I fully realize that he doesn't have a rock solid excuse for missing OTA's for life's important things like Sconce shopping or daughter's dance practices, but still. He was the good soldier last year and came in even though he wanted a new deal. Then he got hurt, which probably cost him a PB incentive from last year. What could RosenASS be telling him?

The OTA's are optional and I guess if he gets cut this year, he can sue for cutting him for missing optional things.

But we need him this year. Our backups suck and we are going to be a run first team with a twice injured QB. To me, him in this offense, is one or two wins this year and a much better chance at winning a playoff game. We have jokers behind him. Maybe if they took mya dn many other's advice and signed La'el Collins, we wouldn't be in such a situation, but we are so get it resolved!!

Get both sides in the room and get SOMETHING done. Maybe throw him a $250K PB incentive and $150M All Pro Incentive, but take money away if he doesn't make those levels. Or maybe keep it the same and guarantee a small piece of next year's deal.

Not optimistic as we see how faint praise of Foles got him a ticket out of town. I can only imagine what public criticism will get him, especially with his replying tweet.

Here's a good site that you can sort by all kinds of criteria:
It was interesting to see how his deal compares to others at his position. He's already very well paid for being very good at his job.

I'd be fine with the suggestion of a ProBowl incentive being added but suspect that any chance of that has gone with Mathis' non-appearance this spring. Of course, that could be because the Eagles didn't even offer him that rather than because he wants more than they are willing to concede unsure.gif

But his agent is obviously pushing the buttons for some reason. I suspect this is more of an team to agent stand off than it is a statement to a player. Maybe Rosenhaus isn't getting any more from the deal and doesn't like it so he feeds bullshit to Mathis. It doesn't make sense otherwise. The guy is a greedy scumbag.

Redskins' DeSean Jackson blames failed holdout with Eagles on his former agent Drew Rosenhaus
just speculation on my part.....but perhaps its not about money, well, entirely

maybe Mathis is old enough to look at the landscape and say, "man do i need to play for Chip and run a billion plays a season? or get maybe a little less money to play and practice like im used to on another team?"

if this was a SB team, you suck it up for the ring. if you dont think it is, and you know you are likely done at year's end either way, why put up with Chip's way of running a team? after a decade of playing one way....whats mathis' incentive to go all in with Chip

Mathis isnt the best, but he is definitely good enough to be confident he will get a job somewhere. i have to speculate about WHAT ELSE this could be about, because if you are trying to get more money out of Chip...this is a cant win plan. therefore i dont think thats what he wants. if he is trying to get released....he has a better chance once Chip is pissed.
I agree with Zero. All you need to know is his agent is Drew Rosenhaus.
Now it makes sense.

Per Florio at PFT. The Eagles had an offer on the table last year which gave him a raise, essentially guaranteeing his incentives and would have paid him about $1M more over the last two years. Apparently, he didn't sign it and wanted to play another year to prove he was worth more. Although he played well, he got hurt and didn't make the Pro Bowl. When he approached the team about it this year, they said Roseman was no longer the GM and the deal was off the table.

That makes sense. I can see the team being annoyed that he didn't sign their offer. I can see him trying to improve his position as he may have thought he'd meet the incentives anyway.

They don't have to re-offer the deal. Per the CBA, he doesn't have to show up at voluntary OTA's. I would think that the union would be able to easily and successfully get his money if he got cut for not showing up at voluntary activities. Seems like a no brainer. Now if he doesn't show up to the mandatory camp, then he would likely lose that recourse.

Florio and Mosher are speculating that his agent has a wink wink deal in place that if he is released by the team, just like McCoy and Jackson, he will get a better deal elsewhere as long as the new team only has to give up money and not draft picks.

Will some one pay him more than 11.5M over two years? Maybe not. But, maybe they pay him the same amount, but guarantee more of it. Maybe by guaranteeing 2-3M of next year's money? Teams have the cap space to do that.

We'll see.

I just hope he gets his ass in here soon and plays to his PB level.

I want a SB and I'm not getting any younger!!
I think he's gone and his teammates don't seem to bent out of shape about it.

Buy in or get out. That's not an exception for guys I like.
That's the interesting part, that Peters, et al don't seem concerned. I thought he was popular in the locker room.
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