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Full Version: Maxwell's guarantee
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VRENTAS: Is that similarity in the team culture a big reason why you believe the Eagles will go to the Super Bowl this year?

MAXWELL: We will, though.

VRENTAS: That sounds kind of like a guarantee.

MAXWELL: You can take that as a guarantee. Thatís just me believing in my team and the product weíre going to put out there on the field. I really do believe that. I have no choice but to think that way.
JRoll II ...
I like it. I'm not sure I'm buying, but I'm applauding.
If he can become JRoll II then he is my new favorite Eagle... J Roll was a leader and took us to new heights. I am all for Maxwell doing that!
it sounds a bit hollow to say how much you believe in guys you havent played with yet

when he says, "I have no choice but to think that way." it tells me this quote has nothing to do with this team (he would say the same on any other team) and everything to do with his personal motivation.....which i have no problem with

I'm more of the keep your mouth shut and show it on the field mode.

i'd prefer to not have the distraction of a season worth of I told you so's.

Like you said, I guess that is a self motivation type thing.
It's standard PR, just like Kelce saying nice things about Tebow.

I don't take what players say too seriously, and won't read anything into it.
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