Great move by Andy bringing this guy in from Buffalo. Be nice if Chip has the same luck with Alonzo. That said, at 33 he is much closer to the end of his career than the beginning and they need to work on solidifying that line for the future. That's assuming the young guys that are there are not the answer. Anyway, here's an interesting article looking at how long we can expect Peters to be a viable starting LT.
OL contributions are very difficult to quantify and Approximate Value isnít a perfect statistic. Also note that Jason Petersí AV last season was 12. Just 60% of that would still result in an AV of 7.2. By comparison, Lane Johnsonís average AV over the past two years is 7. The takeaway is that even if Jason Peters follows the above progression exactly, he can still be a decent contributor for another year or two. Expecting much beyond that, however, seems irrational.
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According to that AV stat Peters was comparatively significantly better than Johnson last year. Mikey Numbers will have to sift through this for us, but the chart is headed by Reggie White at 159, Joe Montana is at 120, Troy Vincent at 83 and Brian Dawkins at 81 (along with Steve DeBerg and Jeff Garcia). Duante Culpepper at 83? I'd say this system is flawed, at least from my perspective especially if I'm reading this correctly and Peters is at 12.