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Full Version: #65 stepping up
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I'm thinking we can expect very good things from this guy:
As his third season approaches, Johnson wants to get to the next level. And that's why he took the non-traditional route of training. Johnson went to California with the mindset of suffering, and with that he emerged as one of the program's finest examples.

"Most athletes, especially football players, they throw so much money out, they think theyíve made it," Glazer said. "And itís harder and harder to reach these guys. Most of these guys think that they did enough because theyíre famous and have money. Lane is not like that at all. Lane really wants to make 10 Pro Bowls, whatever it takes. He is zero partying whatsoever. Practice starts at 11:00; heís here at 9:30 every day.

"He got his diet down and he was really all in. And for a guy like that, I canít tell you how he got that attitude to work hard. I literally have to convince guys why theyíre working hard. I should never have to have that conversation with a professional athlete ever in my life, and you do have it with 90 percent of them. Lane was different.

"I donít want to be disrespectful to my other guys, but heís probably my favorite guy Iíve ever trained in my entire life. Just because he was always like ďIíll never be late, Iíll never miss, whatever you say.Ē
#65 ...
Yeah, that training is no joke. And Glazer is kind of an idiot-boy on ESPN or whatever, but he's a serious trainer. My old grappling instructor trained with him and said he was no joke. Good on Lane. He's already good. It'd be nice to see our future LT step it up to the next level. He is turning out to have been a great pick.
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