Yesterday, a guy called up and seemed to put two and two together with regard to Baltimore's role in outing Brady and the Cheatriots.

If you remember last year's playoff game when BAL lost a tough game to NE, there was all of that talk about illegal substitutions by the Patriots. People misunderstood Harbaugh's complaint. He was complaining that the referees were not announcing the substitutions like they were supposed to. You know how when you have a OT that is eligible, he has to be announced, the same goes when you have a normally eligible guy who is NOT eligible. The refs missed it. The Pats ran off some good plays off of that. Belicheat was counting on the refs not doing their job and how it would advantage him. He was right, kudos to him. So it was.

Now, fast forward to after the game.

Tom Brady was asked about the comments by Harbaugh. He says something to the effect that the Ravens coaches better learn the rules!!

After that, Harbaugh tells the Colts about the deflated balls ahead of time and the rest is history.

I would absolutely LOVE if Harbaugh puts a comment on the record and says in reply to a deflategate question that Brady and the Patriots better learn the rules!!

Karma is a bitch Tommy. You got caught! Quit crying like a bitch and stop the 20,000 word hissy fits.

The deflator because the guy was fat? Really? Did the dog eat his homework too??

Man up.

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

And one more thing........................................

Learn the Rules!!