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Full Version: Hey Eyrie, Raheem Brock on 97.5 right now!!
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check it out!
I'm a bit late for this now so any chance of a quick summary please?
He was a guest on the Phil from Mt. Airy and Barrett Brooks show.

Barrett tells the story how he was on his way on a plane out of Phila and he saw Brock on the same plane and asked why wasn't he staying for training camp. Brock said the way it went down, he knew he had no future here and he asked them for his outright release, which they granted. Brooks was like I thought you were crazy, as a 7th round pick to do that. Brock said that being a Philly kid, Temple product and an Eagles fan all of his life he wanted to play for the team real bad. It was his dream job. His family, his friends etc, all were elated. But the way he was treated, he knew this wasn't the place for him.

Give him credit. That takes balls. I'm so glad that Joe Banner isn't the voice of our organization any more. That was an embarrassment, and I fault Lurie for that. He had to know the voice he allowed to represent us was like nails on a chalkboard.

I looked up how he did. He had six solid seasons where he started every game he was healthy enough to play. His career AV is equal to Broderick Bunkley and just a tad lower than Corey Simon. Not bad for a 7th round pick.
I kept hearing talk around draft time about Banner being a consultant with a few NFL teams. He was good with numbers, was apparently a good person but had no people skills and had an over inflated opinion of his personnel talent. Then you look at Lurie, who I will never forget was identified as having a cold fish handshake, and he's separated from the two closest people in his life: Christina and Joe.
Cheers, Mikey.

Reading that makes it even better that he went on to have a decent career. Just a shame it wasn't for his boyhood heroes.
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