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Full Version: I think I've found a real good high caliber WR to help us out
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We have 9.6M of cap space after signing our rookies and free agents.

He's not a veteran minimum guy or anything, but he has a decent cap number of $3.4M for this year. Played in a very similar offense in the past, a former first round pick who is a high character guy. Would make at least Austin or Cooper unnecessary (although with Coop's fully guaranteed salary this year and almost $5M left of unamortized bonus which causes a $7.2M cap charge even if we cut him, he prolly sticks so it would be Austin or Huff on the outs.)

Any interest, or are we good with what we got, or is the $3.4 too expensive given our 9.6 of cap room?

And Cooper's cap hit is much friendlier June 1.
This guy:


Was looking around and was surprised how he only counted 3.4M for this year.

Dreaming, I know, but thought it was interesting. Even with him, if things went bad, his "cut" numbers wouldn't be too bad after year two:

After yr 2 but b4 Yr 3 = 7.2 cap charge for not having him, but pickup 5.2M over what his salary would have been
After yr 3 but b4 Yr 4 = 4.8 cap charge for not having him, but pickup 8.2M over what his salary would have been
After yr 4 but b4 yr 5 = 2.4 cap charge for not having him, but pickup 11M over what his salary would have been.

So his total cap cost is kept for two years = 23M spread over three years of cap charges
for three years would be 33M spread over four years of cap charges.

Not as bad as I thought it was.
We still could have drafted Algholar.

Algholar's deal breaks down like this. (Note because of it being mostly guaranteed, not a bunch of cap savings for cuts)

9.4M deal, 8.5M guaranteed including $5.1M SB
'15 = 1.7M
'16 = 2.1M
'17 = 2.6M (4.6M if cut)
'18 = 3.0M (2.1M if cut)

His 5th year option based on current CBA and 5% growth of tenders would be 9.3M if exercised.

Remaining part of Cooper's deal:
'15 = 4.8M (7.2M if cut, 3.8 in '15 if cut post 6/1, 3.4M '16 hit)
'16 = 5.3M (2.4M if cut)
'17 = 5.1M (1.6M if cut)
'18 = 5.6M (0.8M if cut)

FWIW, an extra Mil of Cooper's salary was guaranteed for him being on the team as of the end of March.
Essentially two Macs huh? If they had kept him they probably would have drafted CB or OLB instead of WR.
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