I'm excited to see what Bradford can do with this offense but I have to admit, despite that I'm much more of a defense guy. My gut was constantly in turmoil with Reid and his Linebacker Avoidance Syndrome. I love Demeco and Kendricks and I'm equally pumped that they've added Alonzo. I can't wait to see if Davis can devise a way to get all three of those guys contributing to the defense.
A full season away from the game has given the edgy Alonso even more fangs. He's ultra-competitive and, frankly, eager to hit somebody. Anybody. Playing video games and a board game or two and trying to wipe out the competition doesn't exactly replicate the tenacity of an NFL game day.

"When you're out a year, you're just licking your chops," Alonso said. "At the same time you have to be careful because you're coming back from major surgery. You've got to pace yourself, but you have to remember you were out a year. I will be ready when we can hit. I'm looking forward to that a lot."
Here ...