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Full Version: The NEPM all UDFA team
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Here are the guys who didn't get drafted and were available as UDFA's and were in the top 210 players in the draft compilation I put together. In order to make the list, the players had to be listed in the top 150 in at least of one of the five sources I used. I removed six character issue problems from the list (all of these are rated average or better in character) and three position incompatible players (ie 43 types) and I came up with a list of 27 prospects that I was hoping the Eagles would add from. It looks like they only signed one of the 27, which is disappointing. (DE Raciti) Most years they get a few of these. I saw on Eagles 24/7 that Chip went the intelligence route with UDFA signings. I would never underestimate intelligence but methinks Chip is getting carried away with it. MBA's and graduating early is nice and all, but we need people who can play, not figure out string theory!

The numbers in parentheses are the prospects rank in the compilation. Keep in mind that 256 players get drafted. Here were the range of players drafted in each round including comp picks:

1-32 = 1st
33-64 = 2nd
65-99 = 3rd
100-136 = 4th
137-176 = 5th
177-217 = 6th
218 - 256 = 7th

Keep an eye on these guys. I think there are some good NFL players in here:

QB - S Carden (196)
RB - T. Williams (191)
WR - D. Anderson (159), J. Harper (161), T. Davis (164), A. Goodley (169)
TE - W. Saxton (181)
OT - L. Collins (25), R. Crisp (206)
OG - J. Matias (165), A. Everett (202)
OC - BJ Finney (111), R. Dismukes (132)

DE - K. Eulls (190), T. Raciti (205)
DT - None
ILB - T. Jones (130), J. Sylvestre (198)
OLB - C. Reed (171), Z. Hodges (189), C. Crawford (197)
S - C. Prewitt (118), K. Drummond (128), A. Harris (131), D. Eskridge (170)
CB - K, White (151), J. Glenn (158), I Claiborne (207)

Does anyone who follows college football have any on here that you guys like? I know S Drummond was one of R. Diddy's sleepers and he's got a real good track record of picking diamonds in the rough.
118. Cody Prewitt is a high motor guy with good size and athletic ability..

196. Shane Carden might be a backup at best..

God Bless.

QUOTE (american_champion @ May 9 2015, 09:09 PM) *
118. Cody Prewitt is a high motor guy with good size and athletic ability..

196. Shane Carden might be a backup at best..

God Bless.

I am surprised that we didn't add one of the highly rated safeties in UDFA.
Something to keep an eye on as cuts and practice squads get formed.

UDFA CB Claiborne already made his mark.

He's the guy that punched Dez in the jaw.

THAT is the character that we need!!

Racitti was the one guy we got and he looks decent. Went from zone coverage to sideline last night.

May be some of these out there.
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