It's heavy in stats but a worthwhile read. Click on the link to part 1 and the link to what AV is.

It furthers the evidence that trading down is the way to go. It flattens the Jimmy Johnson trade value chart so it's not as top heavy. BTW, per this, the 19th and 20th pick is worth as much as the second pick of the draft in the revised version and as much as the first pick of the draft in the original version.

The media is now saying that the Eagles can only get a 4th round pick next year for Kendricks. In and NFL where Michael Kendricks can only get you a 4th round pick, we need to be buyers and buy up all the Kendricks caliber players for all the 4th round picks and laugh all the way to the Super Bowl.

I was hopeful that Chip would abuse this valuation flaw but he has not done so. I often wonder what % of NFL better than average starters can be had for a 3rd round pick. I but you that could get you 60% of them.