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Full Version: Deflate-gate Part II
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Just reading through the New york times today and what do you know- The Deflate Gate investigation has been completed and found wrong-doers in the midst as well as finding out that Brady had Lied to the press about his involvement.

Will his legacy be forever ruined?

P.S. Kraft and Bellicheck were found innocent of any wrongdoing and the investigation found that two lower members of the equipment staff were responsible.
Brady is a cheater, point, blank, period

As far as I'm concerned his entire career has an asterisk next to it
QUOTE (JeeQ @ May 7 2015, 12:55 PM) *
Brady is a cheater, point, blank, period

As far as I'm concerned his entire career has an asterisk next to it

I think I agree with you.

The NFL is such a serious league and every team does what they can to gain the advantage over other teams. This could mean better players, playbooks, methods, health science & sports science.

What the Patriots have done in the past and now with this ordeal is very unsportsmanlike and ethically wrong. They gained the advantage through what would be best defined as "cheating" thus making the contest null and void in my opinion.

I don't know how to draw the best comparison to how large of an advantage Brady was giving himself by having the balls at around 10 psi instead of the allowed 12.5, But I've heard some people say it's similar to the difference of going from using a wooden bat in baseball to a metal one.
QUOTE (JeeQ @ May 7 2015, 11:55 AM) *
Brady is a cheater, point, blank, period

As far as I'm concerned his entire career has an asterisk next to it

This is the best thing that has happened in the NFL since the Super Bowl
and the best thing in sports since Barry Bonds got his obstruction of justice conviction reversed

the golden boy of the NFL, the one who even exceeded Favre worship at times, is a cheater.

and no matter how much Goodell tries to obfuscate this or the outcome of this, when the Patriots are ever discussed, this will always be a discussion about how they cheated, and it won't be mere "sour grapes"

They cheated


I hope they get the same hammer the Saints/Sean Payton got
There's no way Kraft and Bellecheat should be left off of the blame team. They're ultimately responsible and if punishment is dealt out they need to be included. The team has developed a history of cheating and repeat offenders either need to be dealt with very harshly or the league should just allow teams to do whatever they want. Repeat offenders with the drug testing are treated more severely, why should the teams any different?
The Eagles should belatedly be awarded the Lomabardi Trophy and crowned Super Bowl XXXIX Champions.

Hey, at this point, I'll take it any fucking way I can get it.

Funny how this stuff always comes out with more incriminating evidence after the Pats have won a SB. There never seems to be any evidence beforehand...
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