Seeya Howie..

First off, love Chip's draft so far.. High character guys.. Team first guys..

Nelson Agholor is a solid B pick with the easy potential of becoming an A.

I think Eric Rowe is a flat out steal in the 2nd.. The guy has the potential to be a #1, #2 corner or starting safety in the lg(McCourty like, but bigger).. And in a day n age where players compete to see who is the biggest thug.. I find it refreshing listening to a man like Eric Rowe speak.. What a great modest attitude.. Grade:A

Jordan Hicks I don't know enough to judge.. But Chip loves him and that's enough for me.. At #84, not as much risk.. Especially at lb which the Eagles are rich at the moment.. The Bengals who picked #85 also reportedly coveted Hicks.. High character from what I've researched.. God Bless.