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Full Version: Good Bye Chris Polk
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He didn't sign his tender and the Eagles rescinded it. Would have made over a million.

Hope he does well. This was a dead end job for him, given our double foray into FA RB, not by design IMO.

Always liked him. I think he can be someone in the NFL.

Frees up some cap room when we couldn't invest it in another RB IMO.
Agreed. Draft is loaded with RB supposedly so we'll probably draft one in middle rounds.
QUOTE (Zero @ Apr 25 2015, 05:40 AM) *
Agreed. Draft is loaded with RB supposedly so we'll probably draft one in middle rounds.

I can't see us getting a RB Z.

We have THREE real good ones.

I think we'll bypass that spot in the draft and maybe bring in an undrafted guy or two for a looksee.

They like Turner on the PS.
Feel like he made a bad decision here... Could have basically made over a million dollars to not play... which is basically what he's been doing since he got here

He honestly did us a favor
I always liked Polk. He always seemed to just have a knack for finding the end zone. He's also produced some pretty memorable plays:

That long touchdown run he ripped off in the Snow Game against the Lions to seal the win. He had a pretty sweet touchdown dance too if I recall.

The long like 35 yard catch he made on the wheel route against Dallas in week 17 of the 2013 season.

That 104 yard kick return in the Redskins game last season. I was watching that game in Vegas at my buddys bachelor party, 10am, blacked out, soaked in strippers and packed in a room full of Eagles fans at the Venetian. The place went apeshit when he took it back and just ran kept running into the tunnel OG style.

Hope he does well.
QUOTE (JeeQ @ Apr 26 2015, 01:11 AM) *
He honestly did us a favor

Sure seems like it. I liked him, too. I wish him success in the AFC.
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