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Full Version: Brian Westbrook Not A Fan Of Replacing McCoy With Murray
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Former Eagles running back Brian Westbrook thinks Philadelphia’s running game got worse this offseason.

Westbrook and LeSean McCoy were teammates in 2009, and Westbrook thinks the Eagles should have stayed loyal to McCoy, rather than trading him away and then signing DeMarco Murray as his replacement.

“LeSean, he embodied what a running back was for me,” Westbrook told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “He’s a guy who can make you miss, can make big plays, can make plays in an open field. He wasn’t a great short-yardage back, but he wasn’t 220 [pounds], either. But what I want if I was a coach, on my team, are playmakers. I want guys that you may lose two yards here and there, but if you can hit that hole and run for me, that’s important to me. Because I know we have a chance in every single game.”

According to Westbrook, Murray’s great season last year was mostly a function of the Cowboys’ offensive line, while McCoy taking a step backward was a function of the Eagles’ injury-plagued offensive line.

“I hear that a lot about Murray being a one-cut runner – it’s easy being a one-cut runner when your holes are [as wide] as a truck,” Westbrook said. “I told this to LeSean: ‘You’ve got to play the cards that you’re dealt.’ Unfortunately, a lot of the offensive line was injured at the beginning of the year. Now, when you look back two years, when the offensive line was doing pretty well, he was much more of a one-cut runner, because he didn’t have to make moves in the backfield.”

Westbrook is far from alone in that opinion. But the only opinion that matters in Philadelphia is Chip Kelly’s.

QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Apr 16 2015, 10:57 AM) *

And don't you ever forget it bitch wub.gif
Seriously, don't you get sick of harping on the past? Are you one of those fans that still whines about not drafting Earl Thomas?

It's over and done with. McCoy is a Bill. Cheer for the laundry.
You are both probably right. smile.gif
Brian Westbrook does have a pretty successful track record as a coach and GM, so his opinion on what he wants in a RB is really important.
Don't like the articles? Start your own football news website, set up your own interviews with the players, ask your own questions, write your own articles, and I'll be more than happy to post them... But until then here's what the Eagles media circuit looks like:

McCoy, Mariota, McCoy, Mariota, McCoy, Mariota, McCoy, Mariota, Mcnabb... because I'll be damned if we go through a full season without bringing up Donovan McNabb

But, like I said, until that day happens...

That gif is awesome.
D Rock
QUOTE (JeeQ @ Apr 16 2015, 06:22 PM) *

Who cares what Brian Westbrook thinks?
QUOTE (D Rock @ Apr 18 2015, 02:50 AM) *
Who cares what Brian Westbrook thinks?

Yep. One of my all time favorite Eagles, but he needs to talk less. I don't remember him ever saying anything publicly in support of the team. It always seems to be locker room dividing stuff.
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