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Full Version: Son of a Bitch!!
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Looking at a few drafts I follow, MM is moving on up!

Out of the 13 mocks, here is the spread of where he goes:

2nd = 4
3rd = 1 via trade
4th = 1 via trade
6th = 3
10th = 1
12 = 1
17 = 1
20 = 1

So if Chip has a bigger want then me or Sammy and he would go to #4 to get him. Chances of him getting to #4, 8 of 13, or 61%.

Not great, but not the end of the world.

Problem is, #5 is WAS, #6 is NYJ both of who may want Mariota and WAS is in our division, so to find a suitable trade partner, we may need to get to #4.

That's a steep cost, and may be bidding against others.

#4 is Oakland who have no interest in the $13M man. If we can convince CLE to act like CLE and take Bradford for the #19 pick even though he won't sign an extension, then we can make this offer to OAK:

#19 and #20, a 2nd and a 4th to move up to #4. That is fair value plus premium.

Problem is CLE apparently doesn't want to do the deal b/c Bradford doesn't want to sign an extension. If that doesn't happen:

We deal with OAK first, but need to keep Bradford and offer #20, a future 1st, a 2nd and a 4th. Then we draft Mariota and have to sell Bradford on the cheap. OAK needs a WR, we don't have anyone. Not a great fit.

If he gets past TEN, we need to deal with OAK. Also, other teams who are worse than us, have more attractive picks to offer.

So figure a 60% chance of him being there at #4, and a 25% chance of us being able to pull off a deal if he is there.

MM to the Eagles looks like a 15% shot (60% x 25%), roughly a 1 in 7 shot. sad.gif mad.gif
Count me out. Too expensive for a risk. He could be the next Brady, an ok QB or a bust.
QUOTE (Zero @ Apr 12 2015, 07:06 AM) *
He could be the next Brady, an ok QB or a bust.

That's true of every first round picked QB.

So, I found this today on BGN. Maybe Chip is really the cleverist of them all!

BTW, if it's 2 1sts, a 2nd and a 4th, I say do it. Easy.

Man, this GM stuff is simple when you have no accountability!
OT, but is Jordan that big of a bust that the Eagles aren't interested or are they just waiting for him to be released?
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