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Hamels has terrible outing. Shit. We need him to pitch lights out so we get more in trade.

Bats were silent. As expected.

Aaron Harang is our #2 starter? Seriously?

What is our win total over/under? Can we win over 62 to avoid a 100 loss season. I'm not betting on it.

I will miss talking Phils and hopeful potential for them with you.

I got nothing.

I have not even watched one inning of b-ball yet and didn't listen to the opener.

Gun to head, I don't think they lose 100. High 90's.

They had on one of the talk shows the other day going man by man and comparing to the 1972 Phillies who were bad and the first team I remember following. This team was much better and I don't think the '72 team lost 100.

I have no confidence in these guys and or minor league scouts/coaches to be able to get return for the cleansing that is to go on. They need to bring in someone else to build it up.
The organization needs to be overhauled. That's what I'm hoping Gillick does. If Ruben isn't the problem, which I think he is, then they need to do something to attract good scouts who will make good decisions on talent. Then they need to be sure they have the coaches in the lower levels of the organization to nurture and develop the young guys.
QUOTE (mcnabbulous @ Apr 8 2015, 10:03 AM) *


I love those guys from Major League!!
I'm not expecting anything anytime soon from them but I do hope we can get some value for the few pieces we have left to trade. Ruben has probably run his course. I like th idea of Sandberg as a Manager but I don't have a good feel for him yet as a manager. Hard to do so given what he has been working with.
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