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I keep hearing about Kelly's predisposition for Ducks. Most writing on the subject is slanted to his blind favoritism for Oregon players over better non-Ducks. Kelly has multiple players from 10 different schools on his roster:
8 - Oregon, one starter
3 - Cincinnati, all starters
3 - Florida, one starter
3 - Oklahoma, all starters
3 - USC, no starters
2 - Alabama, both starters
2 - Stanford, one starter
2 - Wisconsin, no starters
2 - Michigan, one starter
2 - LSU, all starters
2 - Iowa, no starters
Although Oregon players account for about 12% of the roster if we're looking only at offense and defense they account for 5% of starters compared to Cincinnati and Oklahoma at 14% and LSU and Alabama at 9%. So, it's not like Kelly is building a Duck East but he seems to be leaning on players he knows to not only help with his culture thing but do the work on ST and serve as backups.
Kiko Alonso, ILB - quality starter
Brandon Bair, DE - adequate backup
Kenjon Barner, RB - fringe practice squad player
Taylor Hart, DE - one year unknown injury
Josh Huff, WR - one year question mark
Wade Keliikipi, DT - who?
Will Murphy, WR - brother of who
Walter Thurmond, CB - FA risk/potential
Huff may (hopefully) challenge for a starter role and Hart may (hopefully) challenge for playing time. Outside of that I don't get the problem some have with what Kelly is doing with Oregon players. Agree with his schemes and culture or not, he's trying to build a team he thinks will win a championship. His familiarity with players serves to help establish what he's trying to build. Who was taken after Huff and after Hart that would have been better choices for the Eagles?

My argument isn't that Kelly is doing the right thing by having so many Oregon players but I am saying that it's not necessarily the wrong thing. The bottom feeders on the roster are irrelevant no matter what college they came from and that accounts for 3 of the 8 (Barner, Keliikipi and Murphy). Of the remaining 5 they are either contributing players or young players that are like most young players ... they need to prove themselves.
Keliikipi $435,000
Murphy $435,000
Barner $510,000
Hart $510,000
Huff $525,000
Bair $585,000
Alonso $745,946
Thurmond $1,250,000
The cap distribution for 2015 puts this more into perspective:
College - % Roster - % 2015 Cap - Total 2015 Cap #
Oklahoma 5% 16% $23,210,974
Cincinnati 5% 11% $16,200,000
Alabama 3% 9% $13,400,000
Oregon 12% 5% $7,238,810
Michigan 3% 5% $6,585,000
Florida 5% 4% $5,944,257
USC 5% 3% $4,996,757
Stanford 3% 1% $1,902,054
Wisconsin 3% 1% $1,925,000
LSU 3% 1% $1,968,523
Iowa 3% 1% $1,246,668
Seeing as health is sort of a common denominator, let's not forget that the M*A*S*H list isn't restricted to Oregon players. The way I see it, this Philadelphia Duck drama amounts to ...

I have more concern than you Z.

13 of the 52 are from the same conference.

I can see your point of needing many to change the culture and that makes some sense.

But to be successful in the NFL, you need to be able to pick the best players and mold/coach the best players into an effective team.

He has 13 PAC 12 guys out of 52.

I would be worried that he is selecting the familiar rather than acquiring enough knowledge of the other available players.

Scouting is the ability to watch film of players and accurately assess how they project to the next level and how you can use their talent to build a championship team. If you limit your knowledge or your draft pool to the familiar PAC-12, you statistically have a lower chance of getting the best players and in turn a statistically lower chance of fielding the best team.

My concern with Chip is now that he is the be all and end all, he will choose the familiar as he will have less time to expand his draft pool to where it needs to be.

We'll see how he drafts this year. That should be telling.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Mar 29 2015, 09:55 AM) *
We'll see how he drafts this year. That should be telling.

100% agree. Although my post was restricted to Oregon players, your point is valid. I have to wonder how much influence Kelly had on picks the two previous years.
Without Howie, who will tell him to take Huff in the 3rd not the 2nd and Hart in the 5th not the 3rd?

That's a concern.
QUOTE (nephillymike @ Mar 29 2015, 09:55 AM) *
We'll see how he drafts this year. That should be telling.
Well, either way, the players he knew in college will mostly be gone after this year, so his familiarity will largely end as well. I understand a new coach wanting to grab guys he knows, it makes sense to me. Plus, the other side of the coin is he sees potential/talent that isn't obvious to others because of the familiarity. So, there's an argument to both sides.
D Rock
I dint fault chip for wanting guys he knows and knows well. Eventually, he won't have that info. He's 2 years removed from recruiting and coaching (& coaching against) players of a single program and single conference.

If he's going heavy that way 2 years from now, it won't make any sense. But I get why he goes with what he knows now.
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