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Full Version: What the players are saying ...
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I'm a tad surprised at some of the responses:
"I'll put it this way. It's kind of been made out in the media where people think Chip's shooting from the hip or doing things nonchalant. I think that there's a clear direction, a clear vision from this front office and mainly from Chip where he wants this organization to be and where he wants each player at each position to be. I think that everything is calculated. I think that everything happens for a reason. So I'm still fully on board. And I think that we're gonna have an outstanding team next year."

Linc ...
D Rock
In what way? Surprised that they're not bitchung chicken littles like much of this board? That doesn't surprise me at all.
Yeah, I read that and thought it was all pretty standard, party lines. Even if they were pissed, they're not gonna say it out loud.
D Rock
It's clear. Drink the Koolaid, or hit the bricks.

I think they drank. They get why the others are gone.
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