There's been a lot of indigestion coming from Kelly letting his two top producing receivers walk two years in a row. Is he stupid or, as McLane suggests, does he look at receivers in a more non traditional way? He seems to be going the way of LB under Reid with his WRs, allocating the dollars to positions he thinks are more important. I don't normally think of blocking as producing points, but if the RB gets to the second level it makes sense that downfield blocking can help the production of that play. Does it follow that as a result the WRs will see less double coverage because the defenses are focusing on a successful run game? And where does the room-for-rent sign on either side of Kelce play into this?
Kelly's offense as currently constructed will shift the balance back to the run game, as it was two seasons ago. If Cooper, Matthews, and Huff can't draw an extra defender out of the box to stop the run, they can certainly aid the cause with their blocking.

They may draw scorn from outside if they can't put up respectable numbers, but inside the meeting rooms, they'll be hailed as long as they fulfill their responsibilities away from the ball. And that would be just fine with Kelly, as long as the Eagles are scoring points.
And, I doubt that we will care "as long as the Eagles are scoring points."

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