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Full Version: Need to cut or trade one.
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Need to get rid of two or trade two.

I would shop a 4th for a good WR.

No room for Polk.

Boykin, Kendricks, Sproles, mathis are the most likely candidates.

No way I trade Mathis.

I go out and sign Tramon Williams, move Carroll to S, trade one of the above for a WR.

Maybe sign Blalock at OG and call it a day in FA.

Then trade Bradford to go up and get Mariota devil03.gif
I'm so easily confused. We need a CB and you're contemplating getting rid of Boykin? I've heard the thoughts on Kendricks and hate it! Having him next to Alonso will make up for all the years with the likes of Dhani Simoneau biggrin.gif ... I love Ryans but he's older and coming off of another injury. Sproles is the wild card change up for the two thumpers they just signed. So: no; argh, ok if we have to; and, no.

I know they've been linked to Williams but I'm beginning to think they've got the CBs they'll go into the draft with. I've read opinions that Mathis lost power and quickness last year and if they can use him as part of a package to get either a WR or S it would make more sense than trading off a very good LB or a young CB when the defense is the biggest area of need.
CB: Boykin, Carroll, Watkins, Maxwell, Thurmond
S: Jenkins, Wolff, Maragos, Prosinski, Reynolds
WR: Matthews, Huff, Cooper, Murphy, Pratt
I'm not sure who the guards are past Mathis. Barbre, Gardner and Kelly have played there. I won't be surprised to see them go with the CBs and Ss they have with possible additions in May - not sure how Reynolds and Wolff will be. WR is obviously the biggest need, IMO... followed by G. Especially with a gimpy new QB.

I have no objections to using a pick for a young player from another team that may have depth in an area of need for us. I do hate the thought of giving away someone who is homegrown and up and coming. I'd rather see Meco restructured to bring down his cap number, draft a kid like Jake Fisher put him at guard and groom him for RT when Johnson moves to the left.
I'm largely in agreement with Zero here and think Mikeynumbers is turning into Mikeynuts!

We need three ILBs, so Kendricks is going nowhere. I think Ryans will be restructured - if not, then he'd have already been released as happened with Cole.

We need Boykin at CB and Carroll provides both depth and STs ability (although how much depth is in question given he rarely played defence last season).

Unless you think Burton is ready to be a starting quality player, Celek is going nowhere.

Sproles is too valuable in the return game and as a change of style to Murray & Mathews.

Losing Mathis would create another hole on our OL - let's fix RG instead.

I agree that Polk is on the outside at the moment, unless something happens to one of Murray and Mathews. However that means that he has little trade value - maybe a conditional 2016 late pick for a team that wants him in training camp to learn their offense.

So all we have to offer to find a WR, S or G is that fourth.
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