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Full Version: Not a huge Banner fan, but
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I happen to agree with much of what the Rat Man says here:
I think he is getting players that he believes are very talented that best fit the way he wants to use them. Weíve heard for years that one of the things [Bill] Belichick does is find people who fit what he does. You may think that LeSean McCoy is a very good back. I happen to think heís a very good back. But itís safe to assume that Chip thinks DeMarco Murray fits what heís looking for in a back better. He really traded dollars there to a back who may just fit what he does better. I think itís safe to assume, or he wouldnít have made the move.

The Eagles clearly made a decision they had to upgrade the talent at certain positions on defense, and I think they succeeded in doing that. And frankly, it appears the initial plan on offense may have been a little bit different from what they ended up doing, which is why I believe if these guys are able to stay healthy, they have actually collectively improved the team quite a significant amount. It looks like he had a plan that had some flexibility, which is a very good thing. When an opportunity presented itself to pick up a player who probably, or at least appears to be, not in the original plan but made the team better, he was able to change direction and get a deal done. Thatís not something everybody can do, and itís a very valuable thing to have in a coach.
Linc ...

I think this last part is important. If he does not change the "plan" to adjust to new opportunities he is open to criticism. JMO, but I think that's something Reid would do ... stick to the plan. I like him being fluid enough to change mid stream. I'm guessing that trait will be successful sometimes and fail others. I hope this is the success time.
I agree that is a great trait.

It would be nice that when they had estimated that Maclin was an 9.75M/yr WR and someone else thought he was an $11M WR he would change the plan and pay the 11 to keep him. Especially when he after the fact realizes that Cooper is not worth what he was paid last year so he would change the plan accordingly to make up for a past mistake.
No way in a million years I would give Maclin 11 mil. He isn't that good and the Eagles need the money to extend their own guys on D. The Seagulls and Pats have crap receivers and they are doing just fine.

I find it amusing when people say that Murray is a better fit for what Chip does. Uh, McCoy is the best outside zone runner in the league and the Eagles line can't block the inside zone, as they have repeatedly demonstrated. Once the Oline got their shit together this year, McCoy averaged 4.6 ypc in the 2nd half of the season. Murray is not going to do better than that and almost certainly will do worse. Also, the Eagles offense is reliant on big plays which McCoy was the master of producing. Murray isn't going to have as many.

Trading McCoy was a good idea but only because he is a crappy pass blocker and the Eagles got a great young linebacker. But purely as a runner, Murray is no upgrade.

I expect the Eagles D to be one of the best in football this season. Definitely top 10 and probably top 5. I don't anticipate any improvement in the running game so the real question is the passing game. If Bradford stays healthy I think the Eagles are Superbowl contenders. If the Eagles have to go to Sanchez they'll be bounced in the first round of the playoffs.
New guards should improve the inside running game
who are our new guards?

If we do get upgrades at guard they will almost certainly still be frail girly men in the mold of Mathis or Kelce because Chip likes his linemen frail and girly. You need to be athletic to play on the inside in this scheme and generally athletic lineman can't get any push in line.

The Eagles aren't bad running the ball, they just aren't that good at it. And running the ball well isn't that important in the NFL. The Pats have always sucked at running and the Broncos and Saints also can't run.
Having a patient N/S runner is necessary in this scheme. McCoy was fantastic at creating his own space, but he was boom or bust. RBs who consistently get 3-4 yards should allow us to be in more 3rd and short situations. That way the offense doesn't rely on the big plays. This also makes our fast pace offense more effective.

I believe this is Chip's goal for the offense.
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