Losing Maclin is a loser for the Eagles but presumably gaining Maxwell is a win. TBD who will take Mac's place. Shady deal wasn't truly FA but my guess is that it will probably turn out to be a win only because the greater need was on defense and Alonso could be a key to improving there. TBD if he is replaced by a capable player. For me, resigning Graham is a double win because we keep a player who is improving and we keep him from playing against us twice a year in NY. Losing Cole is an emotional loss but, like Shady if the money is well spent it could be a win on the field. Losing Herremans is another emotional loss but questionable loss on the field ... TBD.
It looks like the Giants are losers in both McCourty and Graham.

Cheeseheads win with resigning Cobb. TBD on their CBs.

Seahawks trade Maxwell for Williams. That should be a loss for them but with their secondary strength probably marginal.

Cowboys tag Bryant but TBD considering the video issue. TBD on both Murray and McClain.

Patsys win by keeping McCourty.

9ers lose with both Gore and Willis.

Andy loses Hudson but wins with Mac.

Broncos lose Franklin.

Bills win keeping Hughs.

Phins win with Suh.

Chargers win keeping Flowers.

It appears cliff jumping by Eagle fans is premature.