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Full Version: ESPN's Screaming A. Smith Wonders If Chip Kelly May Be Racist
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Stephen A. Smith is too smart to come right out and call Chip Kelly a racist. Smith knows that an accusation like that would require evidence, and Smith has none.

So what Smith did on ESPN First Take today is he merely implied that Kelly is a racist, going over a selection of Kellyís recent roster moves and then hinting that Kelly might not want black players in his locker room.

ďChip Kelly makes decisions over the last couple of years that, dare I say, leave a few brothers feeling uncomfortable,Ē Smith said. ďI think thatís fair to say. I mean, weíre sitting here looking at some of the decisions that Chip Kelly makes and Iím like what is up? Whatís up with that? I mean, itís like youíve got to be his kind of guy, you know? And Iím like, well, Riley Cooperís your kind of guy?Ē

By mentioning Cooper, Smith was implying that Kelly is OK with the fact that Cooper used the N-word in a much-publicized video in 2013. The truth is Kelly was not OK with that; the Eagles fined Cooper and sent him home from training camp. But Cooperís continued presence on the team ó combined with the release of a few high-profile black players ó makes Smith question Kellyís motives. According to Smith, Kelly isnít only looking for players who fit into his system on the field. Kelly is also looking for players who fit into the culture that Kelly wants in his locker room, and Smith questions what kind of culture that is.

ďLetís get beyond the system, the operative word is Ďculture,'Ē Smith said. ďThe culture is what resonates with me more profoundly because Iím looking at a Chip Kelly and Iím like, really? Now, youíve got to remember, where did I work for 16 years? I mean, this is Philadelphia. You understand what Iím saying? Iím always in Philly, and Iím telling you right now youíve got people walking the streets and, hell with it, youíve got brothers walking the streets going like ĎWhatís up with Chip? I donít understand this. I really donít understand what youíre doing.í Now Iím not saying I know, Iím just saying that it does strike me as a tad bit odd. Iím going to repeat this. Gone: LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, you know, DeSean Jackson. Staying: Riley Cooper. Really? Really? OK.Ē

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Reality Fan
Why didn't you include the rest of the article in your know, the part where it is pointed out that Kelly cut Casey and herremans and all the guys he signed are....uhmmm...not white?

The article went on to point how what an assinine rant Smith made which is pretty much anything he does....

The guy must have pics of someone with a goat...
May I suggest that it's him that is the racist.
QUOTE (Zero @ Mar 10 2015, 08:24 AM) *
May I suggest that it's him that is the racist.

This. The only other people who see the world in that style of "black or white" wear bed sheets.
This is why I haven't regularly watched ESPN in over a decade. Even Sportscenter became unwatchable, forget about this crap.
QUOTE (HOUSEoPAIN @ Mar 9 2015, 10:56 PM) *
This is why I haven't regularly watched ESPN in over a decade. Even Sportscenter became unwatchable, forget about this crap.

i dont watch any of this kinda not sure who does but i assume they have an audience because they keep putting them on. i only see it as a website headline to click on

i saw the headline...took note of who said it and thought....'man, that is really irresponsible to even suggest without CONCRETE proof'

then when the article said that its ok to say just a suggestion...i remembered why i never watch such crap and went about reading other online stories
ESPN is TMZ for dudes. Gossip and drama. The Real Househusbands of the NFL!
I'm not a Stephen A. Smith hater but this is blatant trolling. Which is perfect for ESPN, I guess.
I'm not a Stephen A. Smith hater but this is blatant trolling. Which is perfect for ESPN, I guess.
D Rock
Stephen A Smith

The A is for "Ass Hole."

Fuck him and his obvious plea for attention and "clicks."

That said, we are apparently the whitest team in the league. Being too lazy, and not really caring enough to look up the specific numbers, I'm guessing it's not even close.

Not saying Chip or anyone factors race into personnel decisions in ANY way, but it is a curious anomaly.
Screaming A. Smith Stands By His Comments

On Monday, Stephen A. Smith strongly implied that racial considerations have influenced some of the decisions Eagles coach Chip Kelly has made with his roster.

On Tuesday, Smith doubled down on his beliefs, while also disputing that he said Kelly is a racist.

Hereís the first chunk of what Smith said Tuesday, after colleague Skip Bayless suggested that running back Frank Goreís change of heart was influenced in part by Kellyís apparent desire not to have strong voices in the locker room.

ďIt lends itself towards validating what I was trying to say yesterday,Ē Smith said. ďAnd I know that made a few folks uncomfortable. So be it. I stand by what I said yesterday.

ďAnd I pointed out how DeSean Jackson is gone, LeSean McCoy is gone, Jeremy Maclin is gone, but Riley Cooper is still here. I wonder why that is? That has obviously provoked some people to sit there and say I went on the air and called Chip Kelly racist. That is a lie, that is false, that is inaccurate. But itís not surprising, because thatís what people want to do sometimes, just because they have a problem with you because I do have the ability to make some people uncomfortable, sometimes. I must acknowledge it actually makes me smile, it doesnít bother me one bit. I know Iím going to make people uncomfortable sometimes, sitting in this chair. Such is life.Ē

Smith also went on to say that former Eagles offensive lineman Tra Thomas has said on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia that some of the teamís African-American players feel like they are treated differently by Kelly, that Smith doesnít know Kelly well enough to label him, but that: (1) the decision to get rid of Jackson, McCoy, and Maclin but to keep Cooper is confusing; and (2) Kelly needs to remove that confusion.

ďI have a right to sit back and legitimately ask the question. What is your agenda? Culturally, personality-wise. Youíve got nine players from Oregon. Is it gonna be the Oregon Ducks . . . or is there something else going on? I have a right to ask that question, and I donít care what anybody says.Ē

Heís right. But folks who hear Smithís words have a right to ask the question of whether Smith is calling Kelly a racist, without literally calling him a racist.

ďYouíve got people in Philadelphia that literally look at Chip Kelly and say, ĎWhatís up with this dude?'Ē Smith said. ďNow, they donít know. They ainít calling him out. Theyíre not labeling him. Theyíre not defining him. But they are asking questions. Whatís up with this dude when a DeSean Jackson, a LeSean McCoy, a Jeremy Maclinís gone but Riley Cooperís here. What is up with that? Iím sorry, but I have a right to ask that question.Ē

Itís true that Smith never actually called Kelly a racist. But on two straight days Smith has suggested that Kelly may be a racist. And that may be a distinction without a difference.

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