With all the cap money floating around, there are plenty of teams that need to spend money this year and next to avoid under spending limits. That gives perennial poor, underpaying teams more incentive to be big players. We need to match their aggressiveness to stay on top.

"If they donít meet the 89% floor the owner of each franchise not in compliance will have to write the NFLPA a check for the difference. The NFLPA has latitude to disperse a team's shortfall to players on that team during this period. If the entire league's spending is under 95% over the 4 year period, the NFLPA can disperse that shortfall how it wants. This shortfall is secondary to any shortfall under the 89% requirement."

I interpret the above to mean that teams below the 89% have to kick in the amounts to get them to 89% first, and then with that, if the NFL as a whole is still below 95%, then the teams kick in to get to the 95% level.