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I'm sure there are both reasons for and against, and we've heard that the "culture" in the locker room is gone. I'm sure Jaws has good info, but that may just be a matter of players reacting to the loss of a family member(s). We'll see how that pans out as the year progresses.

This is a team that has been winning despite a few obvious deficiencies. How good of a salesman is Chip? He's apparently pushing the sports science angle:
They are only the third team since 2002 to lead the league in AGL and finish in the top five the following season. Maybe this team is onto something with preventing soft tissue injuries. The big problems for the Eagles were focused along the offensive line, plus a broken collarbone for Nick Foles and a torn Achilles for DeMeco Ryans. Sometimes bones are going to break in tackles regardless of how much prep work goes into each week.
Linc ...

The offense is probably an easy sell, but more of a challenge selling the D at this point and that's our need. Selling the innovation is good, money is good but there are teams that will be competing with us for players that have money too and overpaying isn't good for team morale.

Going to a team with a legit chance for a SB ring is a positive, assuming the money is equal. Can the Eagles sell their chances after all the changes? Do players want a team that is breaking the norm on how things are done like practice schedule? I'd think younger players may be more open to change than older vets.

How do you sell the Eagles to a FA? CB, S, OLB, OL ... why come to Philly?
How do you sell the Eagles to a FA? CB, S, OLB, OL ... why come to Philly?

Well for a CB, you could always take the "even if you earn the nickname 'burned toast' over several consecutive embarrassing performances, you'll still keep your job" angle.

I think it is going to be a much tougher sell than we think. Trying to be objective about it:

1. Most of the guys we're courting are used to winning. What are our odds of winning a SB? Currently at 25-1 we're tied for 7th.

2. How much money do we have to spend? After the adjustment for Shady/Alonzo we will have roughly $47M of cap space left, which puts us 5th, behind JAX 68, Oak 67, NYJ 53, CLE 49, and ahead of TEN 46. Relative to the rest of the league, we are in good shape. We are the cap leader among "good" teams. A question to be considered? We will adjust the market to spend at a much higher rate than the past market. With the plethora of cap space that is available league wide, the deals this year will likely be 50% richer than last year's deals. Will we be aggressive or will we be worried about last year's benchmarks?

3. How much money do we have to spend vs. the other good teams in the league? Cap space of other good teams:

US 47M
GB 33M
SEA 24 M (needs to adjust for Lynch)
NE (5M)

This should take many contenders out of our league.

4. Reputation of the Fans. I think we fare well in this category. Players know how crazy we are for football and except a few who may shy away from the spotlight and want to fly under the radar, this should be a plus.

5. Stability of Management - in the past, this was probably a big advantage. I think we've taken a hit in this area.

6. Opinions of Other Players - like above, we probably took a hit here. If they sign Maclin, it will go a long ways towards soothing this. If Mac hits the market, FA's may ask why doesn't he want to stay? Why did they get rid of Jackson and McCoy? Is Kelly too difficult?

7. Kelly's ability to sell. I imagine he would do better than most. The guy can sell oil to an Arab.

8. Marynowitz or whoever is negotiating the contract; will they pull a Banner and insult people or will they be a help vs a hindrance.

I think, overall, people are waaay too optimistic over who we will sign. There are plenty others with plenty to offer and plenty to spend. If you identify six prime targets, plan on landing three of them. Anything better is unrealistic IMO. It starts with Maclin.................................
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