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Full Version: Thank God for the NFL
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Another year of thanking for the tanking.

I was honestly so hard up for sports, I was going to start watching the Sixers which I haven't done with the exception of maybe three games since Collins left.

It must be great to have a product as shitty as the NBA is, tank a few seasons for a crapshoot chance, be below the floor of the cap (see below), and still not have the bad attendance cause you enough financial losses to actualy have to try to put a winner on the floor.

And the NBA is getting a new deal in two seasons that will greatly expand their cap and will, like has happened to the Eagles twice before, give other teams a bunch of money to spend on free agents at exactly the time we should be reaping the benefits of our miserly ways.

Although there is a floor in the NBA and the Sixers were tens of millions under it, I'm pretty sure that the rules stipulate that the amount under the cap gets divied up among players on the team. By signing that stiff center who will make over $12M, many of the current team members had money taken away. The move cost the current players over $1M each. Ouch!
What's the NBA? biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Zero @ Feb 22 2015, 08:52 PM) *
What's the NBA? biggrin.gif

It's a group for people who like guns.
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