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Pretty interesting comments on Howie and Marynowitz by a former Eagles scout, someone who was "in the building":
"I know he has a Nick Saban philosophy when it comes to football. Chip is a little bit that way, too. Chip is a guy who loves big, physical football, even though it's packaged in a different way with the way he runs the offense. I think that those two are a good match. I would expect them to hit the ground running and the team continuing to improve, getting back to where they were in Chip's first year and beyond."

"I think what's happened now is it's the way it should have been for a long time. Let's put it that way. Now, they've finally.. They've cleaned it up. Now the people who are doing what they should be doing are doing what they should and the people who shouldn't have been doing what they were doing .. aren't."

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Reading this and listening to the interview I think of Lurie's sales job when he introduced Howie as the GM and it's beginning to sound like it was Howie who did the sales job on Lurie. Maybe Riddick is pissed that a non-football guy did well enough to get a GM job over a real football guy, but then maybe Howie took information from others and sold it as his own to rise to his dream job. Chip gets to town and it doesn't take him long to find out the same thing ... Howie is a fraud. Maybe Howie is just a manipulative lawyer who is adept at corporate Machiavellian tactics. Let's hope he doesn't "Banner" players in negotiations.

Sure, Howie's a manager and he necessarily uses his scouts' reports but if he's not collaborating and if he's alienating his subordinates the end result is not productive. In fact, this sounds like Howie's old boss, Rat Man Joe Banner. What's scary about this is that, if this is what happened then Lurie was able to be "sold." What's encouraging is that it looks like Jeff was enlightened and personnel decisions may be back in the hands of good football peeps.
yea i heard him speak and he seemed to be really impressed with Marynowitz

its also clear Riddick didnt like Howie nor did he think he should be the GM. he implied that the people who came and went from the FO did so because of Howie. its also telling that Lurie's golden boy couldnt get a GM job somewhere else since Howie has stated that he always wanted that job since he was a kid. to see the job he worked so hard to get for years be taken from him after just 2 years of Chip has to sting quite a bit. to still be in the building with Chip and have to work under him?

i know they have to be professionals, but that seems like a lot to swallow and still maintain a productive working relationship.

Not likely it will last long term.

It seems like Howie's rep around the league isn't a good one as a GM. It would seem a stretch for him to be invested in Chip's success.

Keep our fingers crossed.

The one thing still needed is someone to tell Chip that we don't need to draft Matthews in the 1st, Huff in the 2nd and Hart in the third. Need someone to tell Chip he will get those guys later in the draft. Chip is young in those things and needs someone with experience and who demands respect for him to listen.

Shame on Jeff Lurie for most of this. To go from the Giants game on a Sunday and poo poo the question of Howie's future, to five days later having a big shakeup signifies an owner who is not in tune with the workings of his top managment team. All the reporters knew it, thus the question. But Jeff seems oblivious.
This goes along with the Machiavelli theory of Roseman's rise but also his fall. Interesting that Marynowitz has two PG business degrees. I can't say that I'd be thrilled if I were Patch or Mueller but maybe they like and respect the kid.
Marynowitz was hopscotched over two more senior members of the scouting department, Anthony Patch, the director of college scouting, and Rick Mueller, the director of pro personnel. Patch, who has an MBA and is conversant on the business side of the ledger, is the longest-tenured member of the scouting staff. Mueller is a former vice president of player personnel with the Saints. It is possible they will shrug and accept the handwriting on the wall, but if either or both left for other jobs, those would be significant holes to fill.

Far more worrisome is the matter of how Roseman and Marynowitz will coexist. Roseman better keep a tight grip on his football administration staff as it analyzes and projects the salary cap and contractual side of things, because Marynowitz can play that game, too. He holds two postgraduate business degrees, which is exactly two more than Roseman. When the Eagles eventually haul out the GM title again, even-money is that it will be given to Marynowitz.
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QUOTE (Zero @ Feb 1 2015, 06:16 AM) *
This goes along with the Machiavelli theory of Roseman's rise but also his fall. Interesting that Marynowitz has two PG business degrees. I can't say that I'd be thrilled if I were Patch or Mueller but maybe they like and respect the kid.
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And most importantly, he went to La Salle!! (and after they disbanded the football team, he went to UCF)
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