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Full Version: Here's an article to refresh people's memory on Jackson
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From 24/7

A lot of theory's challenged in this article.
A couple of things:
1. I suppose they're talking about blocking primarily, but I still believe that a great coach finds ways to fit exceptional talent to a scheme.
2. That's not what happened here but could be because of the interesting point he made about preparedness and character. "Character" doesn't necessarily refer to the people he hangs with either.
3. I cut n pasted this which also applies ... Suggested: Combat Stress and Boost Your Immunity biggrin.gif

I always wonder how people can tell such blatant, insulting lies at length like that? Think White House Press Secretaries. And the obvious answer, of course, is that because most people are stupid and will believe anything you say. For chrissakes, look at all the 'Duh yeah because Chip genius' comments in the article. I bet many of those fanboys have changed their tune on that unbelievably stupid decision now.....

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