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Full Version: Draft ideas?
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Personally I would like a DB in the first such as Peters, Trae or Collins. Hopefully if Perryman can fall to the 2nd that would be beautiful cause I really like him, or if Matakavich out of Temple declares then I think he could be a stud. When it comes to QB I would like to keep Foles but I'm not sold on going all in and giving everything up for Mariota, though a QB I do like and that I think could be a real steal if he proves to be good is Rakeem Cato out of Marshall, he grew up a hard life and has a lot to play for and I think he's got really moxy to be a great QB if molded right. Thoughts anybody?
I like Landon Collins.

I watched the Marshall game last night too and Cato surely is entertaining. He is not quite the prototypical NFL QB but it will be interesting to see what scouts think of him. Russell Wilson isn't quite the prototype either so that doesn't necessarily mean everything.

Just my opnion...

First Philosophy: I think one of our biggest problems is that we get off the field 3 and out too often this year.

So I would link very seriously about moving Mathews out to a wide receiver and draft a real sure handed slot receiver like

1. DB Peters, Trae or Collins, etc would be great
2. ILB Perryman or Kendricks would be amazing (might have to trade up)
3. WR would look very seriously at Justin Harding
4 onward (Sheroid Evens/Ronald Darby if they're there) along with OL
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